People never stop searching for ways to relieve stress and achieve a peaceful state in mind. King David's Psalms, Marco Ollerius's Meditations, and meditation practices across ancient India all reflect humans' eagerness to maintain peace of mind. In modern society, fast-paced lives keep many people in a state of mental sub-health. Too much information surrounds us so that we have less and less time for ourselves. Sometimes, we might need to sit down and have a cup of drink to empty ourselves. Mindmix is a cocktail machine that bartends drinks according to the user's current "emotional state." 
If you want to get one of the specific drinks, try to concentrate, pay attention to the physiological feedback of your emotional fluctuations, and subjectively control The degree of tension to a particular range of value. This process takes advantage of the decompression function of meditation and biofeedback training. After repeated practice, you can reach the desired result easier and obtain peace of mind.
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